Table fully restored for Polmont Evangelical church 

1903 Bluthner Grand Piano was fully stripped by hand and restored inside and out. Finished in a black gloss 

1903 Bluthner Grand Piano, Frame sparyed and fully re-strung and tuned to concert pitch. 

Rogers Royal Baby Grand, Fully stripped and re-polished to a satin finish. 

Rogers Royal Baby Grand Piano, Ivorys carefully clean to restore luster. 

Lord Buchannans 1960's Bluther Baby Grand, Fully stripped inside and out and restored to factory finish. Piano getting final tuning from our technician of over 40 yrs experiance. 

Traditional Edinburgh townhouse Mahogany Handrail, Fully stripper and sanded to restore true colour of wood before polishing to desired sheen 

On-site repair to a heavy plactic coated door. Before repair 

On-site repair to a heavy plactic coated door. After repair 

WAll Paneling being prepared for polishing.  

Wall paneling after being finished in a gloss black. 

Exterior wood panelling stained and finished in a high gloss clear coate 

250 square feet of flooring sanded. Sanding in progress 

250 square feet of flooring sanded. Sanding complete 

Floor finished in a 20% sheen, Job was completed from start to finished in 5 days. 



Directors desk, Stripped and repolished and the leather revived. All work was completed in a morning for minimam disruption. 

Mahogany wall table, Stripped top and mid panel to remove damage. 

Mahogany wall table after top and mid panel are stained and polished and legs are re-polished. 

Teak sideboard going through the first stage of the stripping process. All pieces are hand stripped to ensure a quality job. 


The same teak sideboard after staining and finishing. 

Oak flooring was badly water damaged and very scratch from years of use by the family dog. 

Oak flooring after finishing. 

This bar top had taken many years of abuse and was overdue restoration. 


Bar after restoration.  





solid mahogany handrail after going through the stripping process. 

Mahogany handrail after completion 

Bar top from first floor restaurant in The Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh before work commences 

Same bar top after stripping and re-polishing. 

Badly water damaged dinning room table. 

Dinning room table after stripping and re-polishing. 

Pulpit and feature wall after first few coats of polish. 

Church pulpit and feature wall were losing there luster and colour due to sun bleeching. 


Pulpit and feature wall after finishing works are complete. 

damaged Knewl post 

Solid oak panelling during re-polishing 

Large chip in wall unit 

Badly worn piano finish 

Worn Kitchen worktops in Linlithgow 

Engineered kitchen worktop 

Badly scratched floor after wardrobe was dragged across it 

Old walnut bureau 

Coffee table top re-polished to remove heat marks 

Full restoration of a Steinway Grand Piano 

Badly worn and dis-coloured table 

Golf club bar badly worn in Lenzie. 

Freshen up oak staircase in Dalkeith 

Old Mahogany handrail in Colinton 

Damaged vineers 

Dismanteling upright piano 

Bechstein Upright piano from Corstorphine 

18. Very worn finish on exterior front door Kirkintulloch 

Broxburn Masonic bar 

Art deco sideboard 

Reproduction table top from Bridge of Allan 




























































































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